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I gotta do something with this journal....probably reformat it and start over or..something. Who knows.

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Icons: Angelina Jolie, Amanda Seyfried, Ashlee Simpson, Ashley Scott

Includes: Angelina Jolie, Ashlee Simpson, Amanda Seyfried, Ashley Scott


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& Credit [info]unchainme and/or [info]sodamaged_icons
& Comment if/when taking
& No hotlinking, redistributing. These aren't bases, but I'm not gonna bitch if you add text, just ask before you do so please? And remember to credit me for the icon
& Request are open here

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For Antha.

Firstly. Anyone else touches these icons at the moment? Will be punished if I find them. These were made for Antha first and foremost and she gets first pick. The rest will be dished out to the vultures.

Subject: Lestat (Queen of the Damned)
For: Antha, she gets first dibs.
Notes: These were not easy to make as the movie was all off color, but I found a tutorial on how to get natural skin tone, so I tried it with most of them. They are NOT the most wonderful, but I did what I could hopefully you can find some use for a few of them. *snorts* If you want text on any of them, comment with the number and what you want on it and I'll tweak it for you.
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Finished NaNO and a FUNNY thing on LJ!

Actually I finished two days ago but still:

Now I revolt from writing. I actually have to thank EJ, Caitlin, Titania, Cublet and JJ for their help on making Natalia so..lively. She kind of took over my nano.

Hmm...yes..I show FAVORITISM in Sixwordstories! Wait. TO WHO?! Um....*fails to see?*

I am a mod of six word stories, I'd know if I was breaking my own fucking rules thanks. this post was not breaking any of the community rules. I was not causing wank, I was talkin. DIFFERENCE for fuck's sake.

But apparently I show favoritism to certain people and shit. Mhm. Okay. The only people I play with in SWS is EJ, Shannon, Caitlin and my cublet. But yes, they know if they fucked up? They'd be booted. Hence EJ asks me about post she makes in sws as Percy because Percy is a foulmouthed little punk ass bitch (i love you percy!) and she tells me what she's gonna post and ASKS if it's alright. I usually say put it behing a cut and label is adult content (cause percy has a tendancy to do that like whoa)

As a mod? You really can't fucking win. I swear to god. I should just let sixwordstories become a supposed "cespool" that it is according to people. I find it hilariously funny. Really I do *snorts* Favoritism my ASS you son of a bitches.

Someone remind me WHY I put up with these morons sometimes? It's just..funny.

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fuck me....

Not literally but if you could see the OH so bored look on my face right now? You'd probably feel pity. Here's the story.

Crashed hardcore at 12:20 am last night. I felt like crap but held out because of EJ and Titania (not to mention Nat was convulsing with the fact her German was floating on X and..who am I to deny her? I've TRIED, it doesn't work.)I didn't want to leave the thread hanging because then I'd be sleeping and a rep would pop into my head and be gone, so once both of them finally went to bed? I just said screw it and crashed too. (I have..Come Clean by Hilary Duff stuck in my head at this time too thanks)

Now, what the hell happens? 4:30 am, I wake up. My other half hasn't gone to bed yet. I made something to eat cause I realized I was actually..hungry and then went back to sleep.

6 am. God damn it I'm up. I've cleaned the kitchen and the living room AND it's currently 11:20 am I've written almost 15,000 words to a backstory for a muse. I catnapped here and there and now I am back to being...bored..listening to The Lost Boys soundtrack. This is going to drive me insane. Yes, I know it is. Fucking LJ. They were supposed to do this shit weeks ago. (like..before my muses decided omg let's get loud.) Oh well. I can upload icons to my thing here now I guess. heh.

OH and make a new layout. HUZZAH...yes..I have those pics of Bill all wet and shit. Go me.

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I..pretty much took everyone off my friends list, so if you're gone? You're gone. Sorry, you can request to be added back but I kept two people on my list because they ARE the closest people I talk to. Mylia bought me a rename token, which she really shouldn't have but she did anyway cause she's a sneaky devil, so this journal and my fic journal have been renamed for the last and final time.

new layout and crap coming soon.